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1. SAP EcoHub: All Analytics, All The Time
2. Dive into Sustainable Programming
3. BPath Lesson 03: Functions and Assignments
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SAP Developer Network
  In This Issue:
1.   SAP EcoHub: All Analytics, All The Time
2.   Dive into Sustainable Programming
3.   BPath Lesson 03: Functions and Assignments
4.   SAP Integration Update 10 - SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edtion
5.   E-learning Series on Data Migration
6.   Kaj van de Loo Continues the Semantics Series with Opportunities and Examples
  Get ROI by Virtualizing  
  Right after SAPPHIRE NOW comes SAP TechEd! In this blog, Craig Cmehil discusses the Demo Jam and the process and deadlines for submitting your ideas.  
Introducing SAP Crystal Solutions 2011 Desktop Products
New releases for SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, and SAP Crystal Presentation Design are available! Learn more, download it, or buy it now.
SAP Quality Awards: Now Open for Nominations
This prestigious award is given to customers that effectively manage SAP implementations and deliver great business value. Check out the application criteria and use the opportunity to get recognition for your achievements.
Department of Corrections
In the May 4 issue of the SDN Newsletter, the name of one our esteemed SAP Mentors was misspelled. The correct spelling is Claus von Riegen.
  May 18, 2011
  Letter from the Editor: EIM Gets Social

SAP Product Manager Markus Ganser explains, "Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is a multi-facetted strategy that is all about keeping information and data as an enterprise asset. [It] includes, for example, disciplines like information governance, master data management, data archiving, system decommissioning, retention management and content management."

Vanguarding the new SAP Experience, EIM has opened a multi-facetted social media strategy that connects SAP Product Management and Development directly with customers and partners.

Look how the EIM team is driving full-on community engagement in their product life cycle:
    Read, rate, and comment on the new EIM Solution Architecture Guide for BI.
    Keep up to date on the latest EIM news and happenings by following SAP EIM on Twitter.
    Provide product management with your comments on the new EIM-based Rapid Deployment System that enables implementation of Customer Data Integration in a couple of weeks.
    Contribute your ideas for a better SAP EIM.


Keith Elliott
  1. SAP EcoHub: All Analytics, All The Time  
    At SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Orlando, the SAP eChannels team has unveiled "Business Analytics at SAP EcoHub." This unique online environment is destined to be one of the world's largest analytics marketplaces, a one-stop shop for all your business analytics needs. We're making it easy for customers and partners to find, buy, sell, and consume business analytics designed for use with SAP solutions. Read this blog on analytics from Darryl Gray, Vice President Business Development, SAP eChannels. Learn more on SAP EcoHub.  
  2. Dive into Sustainable Programming  
    This new two-part article explores the key tenets of designing software programs that make efficient use of computing resources: The first article discusses the sustainability rationale, and provides details on power consumers in an SAP system, performance-optimized code and power efficiency. The second article looks at power-saving techniques at both the hardware and the software level. SAP Product Expert Detlef Thoms opens up these topics for comments in related blogs for part 1 and part 2.  
  3. BPath Lesson 03: Functions and Assignments  
    In this blog series, J├╝rgen Gatter of SAP development discusses BPath, "a new way to access BOL objects, which allows data/object access controlled by a dynamic, XPATH-like character string." See also: Lesson 01: What is BPath? and Lesson 02: About the Interpreter, Integration, Structures and Filtering.  
  4. SAP Integration Update 10 - SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edtion  
    In this blog, SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort provides an introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edition. Also see his blog Mastering SAP and BusinessObjects.  
  5. E-learning Series on Data Migration  
    Recently, SCN published a five-minute demo on data migration. To accompany that demo there is now a three part e-learning series: Part 1: Basics of Data Migration, Part 2: Migration of Content, and Part 3: Getting Started. Once you have gone through these e-learning sessions, download SAP BusinessObject Data Services, the SAP Best Practices Data Migration Content (SMP login required), and get started using SAP BusinessObjects Data Migration!  
  6. In this interview, Kaj van de Loo talks about semantic technologies and why they're important to SAP and its customers. Kaj provides relevant examples of how semantics can be used to improve data consumption in existing SAP applications. See related blogs such as HANA: An In-Memory Vision.  
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