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Hi Tmorizane,
The reason is because of potential rounding errors in case ERP has to convert from one unit into the other. because of that, SAP recommends to use as BUom always the unit with the finest granularity which can occur.
So in case for your product only EA, carton , pallet etc is relevant, EA should be fine. If you for example would need a unit "decimalEA" as well, then EA should not be the BUoM.
there is one exception in case you use the SAP-catchweight solution. Having activated this IS-CWM, you can define a second unit for stock keeping and valuation purposes (e.g. LB). Although LB will probably more granular than EA, in this specific situation you should define EA to be the BUoM.

Hope this helps

b.r., juergen

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Subject: Base Unit Of Measure for Consumer products

I am considering the Base Unit Of Measure of Consumer product (ex, Shampoo/Conditioner/etc..). I will set BUOM EA (each). But I found the message from this site. Please refer to the following URL. My question, why we can not set EA as Base Unit Of measure for out product?

1. ALWAYS set the base unit of measure for a material to the smallest unit that can be used. That is, don't set it as FT (foot), but set it as IN (inch). Never set EA as base unit for something that can be divided and consumed in smaller quantities.

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