[sap-log-mm] RM2000 Pricing Procedure for STO without SD or Delivery

Question from Suzanne_Cullum on Mar 7 at 8:34 PM

Can anyone verify if SAP standard RM2000 pricing procedure is supposed to contain condition type P101? In our system, the RM2000 procedure looks 'off' (based on what I've researched). It only has condition types FRB1 and FRC1 (both as step 100). There's a step 200 "Delivery Costs", but no associated condition type associated with it. Is this normal?

I can't imagine that the consultants that implemented here (15 years ago) would have changed the standard. I do see a copy of this procedure, which was named ZM2000. We are using this now for UB docs (central store / warehouse issues out to departments based on their UB request).

ZM2000 procedure is not working in STOs at all. There are no condition types set up in that procedure, so I'm not surprised it does not work in STOs if you wanted to add delivery costs in the line item(s). Original consultants came up with complex ABAP code to add 'burden'/delivery charge from central store to receiving department i.e. it's for consumption and issuing plant cost + % post to department cost center.

I would like to use standard for plant-to-plant UBs. What is done now is about 90% just plant -to-department (same plant) for consumption i.e. 351 GI, 101 GR (actually a copy of the 101 was created for this process).

Sorry for such a basic question, but I have looked in the SAP library. I can't seem to get a straight explanation. I'm trying to 'fix' our ZM2000 or just use standard RM2000. Want to create condition records (eventually) with delivery costs as a fixed percentage of the item value, say 10% add on for handling and processing, on top of the MAP for the item at issuing plant.

Getting the standard to work would be great; just want the 'delivered' price (with the 10% add on) to post into the inventory of the receiving plant.

Thanks in advance.
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