[sap-log-mm] Need Advice On Dropship Scenario

Question from sapnomad on Mar 15 at 2:32 PM
I have a valuated raw material that gets issued to production and is MRP planned and WM-enabled. That same material on occasion goes through a dropship scenario where the external supplier of the material is asked to produce a finished good and send it another party. In this scenario, the requirement is for the dropship order to be excluded from MRP, yet the customer wants to keep track of this material's dropship 'consumption' for reporting purposes. Plus it feeds consumption based forecasting.

I prefer to avoid the traditional dropship approach using SD intercompany sales orders, unless there are some clear benefits to it. What the user is doing is creating a PO to the supplier and that can be excluded from MRP easily enough. When we receive the packing slip, Logistics does an immediate GR and then GI against the PO to register the consumption. I would have the user use a Service PO with 2-way invoice verification, but given the GR/GI business it needs to be a regular PO with GR flag turned on.

Is there a more elegant/automated way to register the 'consumption'?

Thanks, Vlad
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