[sap-log-mm] MRP Type 'ND' Issue

Question from princemujeeb2012 on Mar 19 at 11:32 AM
Hello Every Body,

In material display screen of MRP Views Tab if the material is maintained MRP Type as 'ND' (No Planning) then why system is allowing to fill the Reorder point Qty & fixed lot size Qty.

Hence please some one guide me how can I make a condition saying that 'system should not allow to happen this type of activities while creating/updating the Master data. When the user choose MRP Type as 'ND' system should not allow to fill the Reorder point Qty & fixed lot size Qty'.

Note : I would like to know it is not possible to make a check when ever user select MRP Type as 'ND' system should not allow him to enter Reorder point Qty & Fixed lot size Qty ... Hence Please guide me how to make a check for the above process.

Abdul Mujeeb. S
sa.mujeeb 'at' saudiceramics.com
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