[sap-log-mm] Mass Automatic Document Adjustment with Contracts

Question from Mr. S on Mar 2 at 12:20 PM
Hi Everyone

We have some 1000's of PO's which were created with reference to contracts. The price comes from the contracts and not from info records. Now the client requires that all the contracts be deleted from those PO's and whatever the price from inforecord should reflect in the PO's.

Manually I can delete the contract in the PO and the system takes care of the price conditions automatically. But we have 1000's of PO's which need to be amended. I have tried MEMASSPO for testing and ran the transaction codes MEI4 and MEI1 sequentially but it didn't update the PO with the info record price.
Can you please give me a solution or a way to do this from your experience.

Thank you so much in advance!
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