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For your first question, you should go and discuss in details with security team to set it up using the authorization object M_BEST_BSA.

In regard to your second question, you should discuss with your ABAPer to customize your purchasing document smartform as well as print-out program.


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Subject: User authorisation based on doc type and custom printing of contract/PO

1st requirement.

Client requires a separate document type, where they can authorise particular persons for creation of contract and PO. For doctype NB(material procurement), only purchase department people should be authorised. For doctype ZXX(custom-service procurement), user depttwise authorisation is required. Also any user, other than the creator of a document, shd not be able to edit it.

How to implement these? Tools->administration->user maintenance->edit...

spro->cross application->document management->....

where can i view/create authorizing objects?

2nd Requirement.

Contract and PO Printing shd be customized. Collectively designing the layout of fields for required output in hard copy as per our existing contract format.. Few terms and conditions(e.g., delivery term, service level agreement, general terms & conditions, special terms & conditions, penalty clause, payment terms & conditions, termination & renewal, indemnity clause,confidentiality, statutory compliance,change of address, relationship,no entrustment/offer, non solicitation, assignment & subcontracting, service tax, jurisdiction, force majeure,etc) which will be appearing in all the the contracts can be permanently embedded in printing, however options need to be present for enabling/disabling a particular condition. Checkbox options shd be there in contract browser screen while printing. Also annexure1 & annexure 2 checkbox option shd be there. attachments (doc/pdf/xl) can be attached there(ex, SLA in attachment can be attached here).

For PO printing, PO will be printed in company's letterhead(preprinted stationary).

Which application pgm(smartform/sapscript) needs to be changed or new form needs to be added?

The Terms n conditions can be altered over time. Where to store these contents?



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