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Reply from ChrisO on Mar 19 at 6:02 AM
Hi Waza,
Maybe it's not the wrong forum as the question is as the question has an element of the procurement process about it as well as the sales process.

MB52 will show you what is in stock, but it won't show you what other demand is against that stock. For example if your order due for picking/despatch today is for 50 units and MB52 shows 100 units, that would look OK. But if there are 2 other sales orders due today each for 50 units, and no replacement stock due, then at some point today there's going to be a shortage of 50 units. And the sales order that's affected will depend on which orders get picked first and second!

Another complication will arise if the order is being picked ahead of due date, for some reason - there may be stiock due on the day of picking /despatch which won't be there today but will be tomorrow - that's not really a backorder.

Ideally an availability check should be (re)run per sales order if there is beilief that MRP is not doing its job, or that planned activities are being carried out other than when planned.

What may help, if you need to list materials, rather than deal with them per sales order, is to run MC47 (future requirements v. stock) for 'today' (or bettter, run it 'today' to look at what's due 'tomorrow') and then look at each material that is in deficit from this report using VA05 sales order list. But be aware that using MC47 assumes that sales orders will be picked when they are due to be picked and also replacement stock will arrive according to the plan.


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Subject: Standard Report for Out of Stock During Printing of DN/Sales Invoice

I would like to know if there a standard SAP report that will show out of stock items during the printing of Picking list/Delivery note for sales orders. I need this so that bwe can assess backorders due to out of stock.

Thanks a lot.

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