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Did you try "page down" in ME31K.



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Subject: SAP MM Contract Header Text

Requirement is like this:-
Company wants to print contract in custom manner. after printing details of contract, it will print contract clauses(indemnity/terminl/jurisdiction/force majeure/etc). these options will be optional based on vendor. checkbox facility will control this optional printing. Based on selection of chkbox , printing will contain those selected clauses.

Now qtn is where to store clauses? We have decided to store these clauses in header text fields. For this I have defined the fields(clauses) at contracts->define contract texts->define contract hdr texts.
Then maintained hdr field and contract assignment thru define copying rules for contract hdr texts. For this, created new association using tgt text(e.g., jurisdiction), source text(jurisdiction), source object(contract).

After this while creating contract thru me31k, I cant find new clauses(texts) in hdr text window of contract.

What config is missing? what needs to be done?

Pl suggest.

urgent requirement. rpt printing put on hold due to this.



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