[sap-log-mm] GR Reversal Posted Different Dollars from 101

Question from connie_durham on Feb 28 at 1:31 PM
Hi all,

My problem is similar to the thread Price change after GR is already done, but not exactly.
We had an item on PO that had the incorrect price. we executed the following;
1. A MIGO and have a material doc receipt with $7,400,710.00. (1339.36 each)
2. AP posts an invoice which had the correct price 7,400.71. (1.40)
3. The GR is reversed in MIGO, correct qty, incorrect price 7,400.71. (1.40)

On this step the reversal doc qty offsets the original received qty, but the dollars do not. The dollars here on the reversal match what should have been on the original receipt.
Now we have a huge PPV and our purchases for this GL account is overstated.
4. I asked AP to reverse the invoice in the hopes of being able to manipulate the PO and correct the incorrect dollars.

Can anyone help us out with this? We have materials ledger active and this sure looks yuky on CKM3.

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