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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I need to avoid having a BOM for items that we buy out and then resell with the same item number. Sankar suggested using batch management which is probably the root I have to take.


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If you are receiving components of what you currently define as a material then you have to create those components as independent materials in order to track them through receipt, stock, and assembly. This will mean that you will need to create a bill of material in order to monitor the assembly into your saleable part (currently what you define as the base material). The bill would normally be a manufacturing bill, but there are ways of creating commercial bills in order to avoid the use of MRP structures. The use of commercial bills does however mean that you will have to create you current material anew as an "assembly", which is a different material type and therefore a different material code (however, you could configure the material numbers such that a current item 12345 becomes an assembly 12345A, etc.).

Essentially, in order to get the best out of SAP, you have to configure it to your actual business process and not a simplistic and incomplete view of the process. Alternatively, you could negotiate with your supplier in order to have the items delivered as complete units - this would save you cost as well, so it is a sensible idea.


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