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I had an idea about this if you maintain as semi-finished material which are you received in crates.Then you maintain in sap BOM for those material to perform to main material.Now you goods receipts in crates and sells in pcs which are you convert the crates with BOM programming.


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Subject: SAP MM Good Receipts in Multiple Crates but Single Material

I have the following scenario:

I have material which is stocked in PC (pieces) and which is marked for external procurement. The material type is a trading good as we purchase and resell from our plant. Although we have defined the material as a single code, it in fact contains multiple pieces which for us make up one complete material.

Our problem is as follows:

If we purchase 3 pieces, the vendor packs these into multiple crates and ships them to us. It could arrive here as 16 crates because of the odds and ends that make up a single unit. We book the 3 pieces into stock, pay the vendor and then our nightmare begins. The system shows a quantity of 3, now we perform a physical inventory check and have to reconcile 16 crates to 1 pc as shown in the system. The vendor does submit a packing list but we cannot keep referencing this packing list to ensure that crates 1 to 5 are actually 1 piece and 5 to 10 another...etc.

Can someone suggest a method to handle this in SAP? Is there a way that we can somehow at goods receipt stage reflect that crate 1 to 5 is one piece and that this will reflect on the delivery note when we eventually sell the product and also on the physical inventory document?

Mention: version is 4.6C.


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