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This is all done by release strategy. When a PR is released, there are statuses that are automatically generated by the system. If you have multiple levels of approval, then the statuses go accordingly and these items will show up when an authorized user queries that status. In our system, the final status is '2' and means the requisition is ready for PO. Once that status is set, we configured it to show up in a buyer's area, based upon what the purchasing group is. That buyer then takes it, processes it and turns it into one or more PO's depending on how many vendors are needed to fulfill the requisition lines.

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Subject: Report for Purchase Group?

I am wanted to know when a requisition is created and when it came to site purchase group and from then which queue it moved and so on. For this I want to know the date and time of movement and to whom it is movement.
Any ideas and thoughts how to achieve this?


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