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Reply from ha_tran on Feb 2 at 5:56 PM

The price from the material master record will only be defaulted when you create your subcontract PR. It is only the purchasing info record price which will be defaulted when your subcontract PO is created. What you should do therefore is to check if the purchasing info record was maintained with specific plant. If not, check if the price is picked up from your last subcontract PO.


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Subject: Price of Material in Subcontracting PO

While creating a subcontracting PO, I am first entering all the details but not the plant. So, the price of the material is taken as 1100 as it is in the info records. But as soon as I enter the plant and hit enter, the price changes to 1000. Why is this happening?

Is it taking the price of material from the material master and not the info records? What if I want the price to be 1100 only and I don't want to do it manually?

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