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Reply from JonJoyner on Feb 22 at 4:26 AM
The Higher Level Components are the parts that are made up of other parts.
If A+B = C , then C is the higher level component which is made up of A and B. SAP will generate Dependent Requirements for A and B when C is needed.
By using the V* types you can not plan with Dependent Requirements which is a must have for our product and that is why we currently use PD.

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Subject: MRP type V2 with DepReq


My goal is to get us ordering materials on time.

The MRP type we currently use is PD, which takes into account demand from higher level assemblies, this is desirable.
The negative is that is does not consider the reorder point to initiate a procurement proposal. The alternative is to use MRP type V2 which takes the reorder point in its calculation. However V2 does not consider demand from higher level components.
Is there some way of combining the two desirable behaviours? To use the reorder point and consider demand from components higher up in the BOM?

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