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Reply from RameshKumar on Feb 6 at 11:02 PM
Please check your material, it is related to MTS ot MTO. Because MTS material can mapped with any sales order.

Or also check sales order block. When your sales order has blocked, it will not be shown in MD04.

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Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 3:32 PM
Subject: Material requirement MD04

Hello all,
I have a problem with finding the details regarding hanged requirement in MD04.
In MD04 i can see the requirement list for some material. The material had the ATP group 01 (daily requirements) , so I can not see the Sales order number .I see only in field 'MRP element' = Sales order , and field 'MRP element data' is empty. No sales order number. Now I need to know the sales order number, becouse I would like to check the status of this order, why this requirment still exist in MD04.
This is a strange case ,becouse all orders are delivered, closed, and no order should hang in MD04 on this date.
Do you know how can I find this number (VBELN)?
I can see this requirement also in table VBBS (collective requirements). But here is no information about sales order number (VBELN).
Do you know some another way how can I get this number? maybe some another table?
I try also to run program SDRQCR21 (to correct the incorrected requirements) but it doesn't work in this case and system doesn't see any incorrect requirements. Maybe this programm doesn't work for 'daily requirements'?? only it works for individual requirments (with atp group 02)?
do you know some way how to update requirements for 'daily requirements'?

thanks a lot for your help!



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