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Hi Medows,

You are quite correct, you cannot transact any item with a unit of measure PC in a fraction of that unit. You have two options:
- create a new material for the "half plate"
- creat a new customised unit of measure called a PLATE; then if you define it as capable of having fractions, you can transact in fractions. Clearly, this would involve a lot of effort for the current material, but it is something to consider for the future.

There is a further possibility using what are "configurable materials" type KMAT, but to explain this would take too much space here.

Paul Massey

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From: Alan Medows
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 2:41 PM
Subject: Subcontract Vendor Returns

We have supplied 10 plates to make 38 smaller plates with a conversion of 4 to 1. The vendor managed to make all the small plates but had half of the larger plate left. The plates are transacted using a base unit of measure of PC (pieces). The vendor has returned the half plate. How can this be transacted on the system when the receipt comes back. The MIGO 543 transaction will say it has used the 10 plates but the vendor returns the half plate, So how can I record that the vendor only used 9.5 plates and 0.5 plate needs to go back into stock. I thought pieces could not be transacted as a fraction.

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