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Reply from sankar791 on Feb 15 at 1:19 AM
Hi Madelaine,
As I understand, you use 1 material code for buy & sell, and it has multiple
packs under 1qty. Your requirement is to have visibility breakup for the 3qty (as 1
for create1-5, 2nd for 5-10 etc) & same to appear while sale also.

I suggest, you can activate batch mgmt for such materials. Whenever you
receive, you shall put create details in batch number(external), & same can
be visible in stock statement & physical inventory & as well while sale also.

Hope this will suffice.

Sankar Naidu.

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From: Madelaine
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Subject: SAP MM Good Receipts in Multiple Crates but Single Material

I have the following scenario:

I have material which is stocked in PC (pieces) and which is marked for external procurement. The material type is a trading good as we purchase and resell from our plant. Although we have defined the material as a single code, it in fact contains multiple pieces which for us make up one complete material.

Our problem is as follows:

If we purchase 3 pieces, the vendor packs these into multiple crates and ships them to us. It could arrive here as 16 crates because of the odds and ends that make up a single unit. We book the 3 pieces into stock, pay the vendor and then our nightmare begins. The system shows a quantity of 3, now we perform a physical inventory check and have to reconcile 16 crates to 1 pc as shown in the system. The vendor does submit a packing list but we cannot keep referencing this packing list to ensure that crates 1 to 5 are actually 1 piece and 5 to 10 another...etc.

Can someone suggest a method to handle this in SAP? Is there a way that we can somehow at goods receipt stage reflect that crate 1 to 5 is one piece and that this will reflect on the delivery note when we eventually sell the product and also on the physical inventory document?

Mention: version is 4.6C.


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