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Reply from Dave Thornburgh on Feb 3 at 1:21 PM
Dhanya -

It would make it much easier to help you, if you tell us what the error message in the dump says. Otherwise, we're just guessing. From your code, I have to question if you cut & pasted it and it's wrong, or if you retyped it into your question and forgot to list wa_eban-matnr. If the code is actually wrong and is missing that into field, I would think you would already know that from reading the dump. Of course, you're also missing parentheses - so I would think that code wouldn't even compile.

Either way, this is by no stretch of the imagination an MM question. If you have further questions, or want to post what the error message is so we can look deeper, I strongly suggest you ask over in the development (ABAP) forum.


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From: Dhanya
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 6:13 AM
Subject: Purchase Requisition Report Dump

Dear SAP Gurus,

Can any kind person please help me out with my query. This is a simple report for purchase requisition.

I am not an expert in ABAP. I just want someone to tell me why the program is dumping when it reaches the following statement:-

SELECT SINGLE banfn bnfpo werks lfdat badat matnr ekgrp dispo
FROM eban INTO wa_eban-banfn wa_eban-bnfpo wa_eban-lv_werks wa_eban-lv_lfdat
wa_eban-lv_badat wa_eban-lv_ekgrp wa_eban-lv_dispo WHERE banfn = banfn.

Thanks & Regards,

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