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Question from pamela79 on Jan 11 at 1:39 PM
Hello, i have the following two issues .

1) we have material X with batch Y maintained for plant A,B and C. The can be seen in MCHA table.

Now for material X for batch Y and for plant A, iam trying to change the batch status form restricted to unrestricted in t code MSC2N. The system is creating a transfer posting document.

when i see the t/f posting document in MB03, system shows t/f posting document for plant A and plant C both

I need to understand, if iam changing the batch status for material X (batch Y ) for plant A only, why is the system showing t/f posting entries too for plant C in addition to plant A ?? the system should show t/f posting entries for plant A only ??

2) In MMBE , for material Z, for batch 1 and for plant D and storage location 0001, we have 100 ltrs as unrestricted stock in storage location 0001and 3 litres as restricted stock in storage location 0001.

But for batch 1, the restrcited stock balance is only 2 litres.......so in MMBE, the storage location shows restricted stock of 3 litres but the batch no 1 shows only 2 litres. I need to know where is the difference of 1 litre ( 3 minus 2 ) of retricted stock gone and how ??

When I want to change the batch status of material Z, batch 1 and for plant D in MSC2N, system gives an error message that, " deficit SL 1 litrs for material Z, batch 1, plant D "............ I think the above issue in MMBE is causing this error .? Can someone pls explain

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