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Reply from ChrisO on Jan 10 at 10:01 AM
Warren's correct about 'requested delivery date' (in SO header) to hold the customer's original requested delivery date.

You can use individual item line dates in the sales order to hold your 'promise' date. Then there can also be schedule line dates - if you ship according to availability. If you use MRP then the system should provide these dates to you - if you override the system-supplied date you will find it difficult to retain both dates (so best to do as MRP tells you!) - the system is probably set this way as overriding is not a logical thing to do.

If you're thinking of doing this to run OTIF then you'll need to connect this data (tables VBAK, VBAP, VBUP) with delivery data (tables LIPS, LIKP), which can be done, but has some complexities, as we discovered.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: SAP Customer Order Dates

We want to be able to maintain our original promise dates to the customer. We're looking for date fields that are available in SAP (like Original Promise, Current Promise, Manufacturing Promise etc.). Are these available in SAP? Thanks!

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