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Reply from ChrisO on Jan 9 at 10:39 AM
This depends on whether 'on time' means that the (1) the date it was actually shipped was (2) 'when the customer wanted it' or (3) 'when MRP or a planner said you could have it'. We had to write a query to connect orders by these three dates.

In our case Production were being criticized for being slow/late on delivery when it was customers placing orders with too short a lead time that was causing failure to deliver 'on time' .

If someone knows a standard transaction for this then I would be pleased to hear about it, as we couldn't find one - although we didn't expect to, given the complex requirement.


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Subject: Sales Order Report Showing on Time Deliveries

Is there any transaction to know the Sales Orders are delivered on time or not.
Is there any reports to know how many Sales Orders or on time and how many Sales Orders or not on time.

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