RE:[sap-log-mm] Report to see PR generated with MRP run with reference to maintenance order

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Dear Mr. Sandeep,

What you asked is exactly correct. there is no matter of MRP Type PD / VB, when's you entered the Components in Maintenance order, reservation will generate in background either there is a stock or not, if stock is there you can issue in warehouse there is no PR will raise for those components which u have entered.

Now point of your's you are asking you want to see the PR reference to the Maintenance order.
if you have entered zero stock components in maintenance order reservation will generate & also PR will generate when's you run MRP at plant level or single material level. Which can display the status by using MD04. entered the component which you have entered in Maintenance order then select the plant. system will appear you the clear status as follows.

EX :

Material # 901234555
available stock : 1PC
reservation : 11PC
Maintenance order : 500001234
purchase requisition : 10012345 for 10 PC which are in minus reference to the order.

Or this is a Simple way if you need in your plant which Components PR raised thru Maintenance Order when the MRP will run.
Just run the Report by using T.Code : ME5A then select a plant, in the field of Account Assignment category select as : "F" (Order) then Execute you can see the list what component PR has raised thru Maintenance order. Best of luck.

Note : Still if you have doubt with above clarification please drop me a mail clearly I will show. Have a good day.

Abdul Mujeeb. S
Spare Parts Controller

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Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2011 2:40 PM
Subject: Report to see PR generated with MRP run with reference to maintenance order

I have activated PD type MRP, wherein PR's are getting generated during MRP run for the quantity entered in maintenance order. I want to see the report wherein I can see PR generated with reference to maintenance order.

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