RE:[sap-log-mm] Output Types for Generating IDOCs while Posting Goods Movements.

Reply from azouggarh mohamed on Jan 16 at 11:53 AM
Hi Shanthan,

I'm not sure about your issue, but you have to use specific solution to go through this, Below a solution :

Create System partner 'LS' by WE20 transaction
Use Message type 'MBGMCR'
Use Basic type 'MBGMCR02'

During the goods movement post, use badi MB_DOCUMENT_BADI to create the idoc,

Hope this will be useful.


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From: Shanthakumar Reddy
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 3:20 AM
Subject: Output Types for Generating IDOCs while Posting Goods Movements.

Dear Sap gurus,

I have the following requirements for a client.

The client using three softwares: SAP, JCAPs and TINLA.

The client has the business online. The customers will book the orders
which reaches tinla software.

Here Tinla is front end of the client. Jcaps is middleware.

Now, when the client do any goods movements in sap, while posting, an idoc
should be triggered, which will be further transferred to Jcaps system and
then from Jcaps to Tinla.

The requirement is how an idoc can get triggered while saving goods
movement posting.

Can anybody throw some light on this issue please.

Thanking you in anticipation.


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