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Reply from rory.goodwin on Jan 17 at 9:50 AM
Try the LIS system e.g. MCE5. Add the key figure "Deliveries". There are probably 10 other ways to get it, depending on your users' follow-up questions are. The time element available to you will depend on how the info structures are configured in your environment. Ours is set up by month, so the number of deliveries per month per Purchasing Group, Vendor, Material Group or material are right there. You can look directly in table (info structure) S012 to see where it is coming from.

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From: Jennifer Yanchick
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 2:25 PM
Subject: Migo Transactions (per day)

I am looking for a report that will show all Good Receipts per day. MB51/Mb59 only show materials received. Many of the items I would like too capture, are not materials but just line items on a PO, but all items are received through MIGO, by the same user. Any suggestions?

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