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Reply from rory.goodwin on Jan 13 at 2:29 PM
We had a similar issue that was caused by a typo in the delivery date of a specific order. We have also had it when planning production beyond the end of the current calendar. Look at the dates in your planned and production orders the the material carefully. Also find the appropriate factory calendars through the production order, operation overview, find the WCs involved, go to the Capacities tab in those WCs, drill into each capacity category to find the relevant calendar(s). Look at them with SCAL. Depending on how many calendars you have and how you use them, it could be a calendar issue.

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From: Richard Reinke
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 3:27 PM
Subject: MD04 Error

When running MD04 for a material in a plant, I get the following error and I cannot see the MD04 screen as I expect. Error is:
6,344 date comes after end of valid factory calendar.
When i run MD03, I get the same error. the message number in each case is Message no. 61062
I checked all planned orders (this is a make part), sales orders (no extreme future or past dates), forecast (none in past or future) - nothing there. Using standard lot size of EX and the hours per base unit of 10 in work scheduling is .18 days per.
Ideas? This has happened about a year ago on another part but can't recall the issue. This is not an old part, has been in the system since 2004.
Please be aware that this is not a date, but a specific number that is showing.....

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