RE:[sap-log-mm] How to Hold a Document while Creating a PO?

Reply from TOMAS_K on Jan 5 at 3:57 AM
As I wrote above do not search for concrete number but use the steps to check all held POs within period. If report is empty then you either did not set PO on hold or your system does not work properly. Or check table EKKO in transaction SE16. All records where field EKKO-MEMORY (Incomplete) have value X are held POs.


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Subject: How to Hold a Document while Creating a PO?


I have a problem. When I used ME21N to create a PO and entered some data such as Sorg, Currency, material. I held this unfinished PO as I had to leave it for some reason. But I couldn't find it when I used ME22N and error message said: document 4500000000 does not exist.

How can I find that unfinished PO and edit it continually?

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