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Reply from Diane S on Jan 11 at 10:01 AM
Within Standard LIS reports there are some helpful reports for inventory management of slow and dead stock. MC46 that identify slow moving inventory based on your input criteria, and also dead stock report. These reports not only identify a material number that has not moved for a period of time, it identifies that portion of your total inventory of that material that has not moved for the specified time. Example, if you safety stock 100 pcs of item a, and consume and replace 10 pcs per month. This will show up on dead stock mc 50 report for 90 pcs dead. Indicating an opportunity to optimize your masterdata settings to reduce your safety stock. You might want to evaluate some of these reports. From the transaction you should be able to access the documentation regarding their use.

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Subject: Flag Material in Inventory if it Sets for Some Time

I am looking to flag a material in our inventory so if it sets for some time it will flag the users. So question is there some where we can set this when the material is received into inventory?

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