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Reply from VFRMark on Jan 27 at 2:02 PM
Hi Samantha,
When you do a vendor return (mvt 122 or 124) the material is removed from stock at the invoice value you paid for it or the PO price if not yet paid for it.

If you return via a sub-contract order (541 mvt) its done at the MAP.

If you do a return PO (161mvt) then the part is removed from stock at the MAP and therefore the stock account is reduced.

Spilt Valuation is a method of using a Batch Valuation type to value materials with the same part number but at different values. A common use is to value good parts differently from broken parts which need repairing.

So line 10 is a broken unit going to vendor FOC, no impact on stock value and thus MAP will increase to reflect 1 less part in stock but no change in stock value.
Line 20 is the repaired part coming back which therefore should have a cost for the vendors work entered.
Using this process you cannot roll up any costs for any parts you have sent to the vendor with value, only sub-contracting does this.

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From: Sharad cwa
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Subject: Effect of Vendor Return on MAP

Hi Experts !
Whether effect of vendor return should hit material MAP or it can be transfer to any other account like consumption/ price change?
We have some material with MAP 100, but due to vendor return of that material @ Rs 80 (original procurement price from him ). Our MAP raise to Rs 1500. differential amount of Rs( 20 * return qty ) load on remaining stock. This will creating problem in product costing & stock valuation.

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