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Reply from ha_tran on Jan 24 at 4:21 AM

The fact is that there is not any account assignment view in ME80FN transaction.

All you can see are:
1) Purchasing document Header / Item;
2) Delivery Schedule; or
3) PO history

Therefore, if you wish to display account assignment data, then you should use other report such as ME2N, ME2L or ME2N in addition to ME2K.


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Subject: Dynamic Selections of the EKKN Table

Dear All,

In the good old days, pre ECC 6.0, we had access to the dynamic selection of the Accounts Assignments (EKKN) table when using transactions ME80FN, ME2L, ME2M, ME2N etc.
These transactions call reports which in turn call SAP Queries running on a motley collection of logical databases viz.: ENM, EKM, ELM, MEPOLDB.
How to get back the dynamic selections of the EKKN table?


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