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Reply from ha_tran on Jan 31 at 10:23 PM
Hi Lowen,

If it is a free-of-charge repair from the vendor, you can use either one of the following alternative solutions -

1) Use 541 to send the faulty one to the vendor/subcontractor and once the repaired one is sent back, reverse your 541 goods issue posting; or
2) Locate the original GR and use return delivery functionality to return the faulty one to the vendor and then post another GR when the repaired item is sent back from the vendor.

In both cases, it is not necessary to use split valuation and material BOM.


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Subject: Default Free Item position in Purchase Order


I want to know if the following is possible:

We have a scenario in which every line in a type of Purchase order must be a Free Item always, so I want to make the free item checkbox ticked always.

In which way could I accomplish this?

Thank you for your attention

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