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If this is the case, then use quantity contract with multiple contract line items - each correspondent to a particular plant. Since the target quantity is maintained on the plant specific basis, you can't call off more than the per-defined quantity for that particular plant during the validity period of the contract.


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Subject: Contract Target Quantity Limitation for Individual Plants

Working on a custom requirement in SAP MM contracts. Company needs to allocate purchase order qty limits of individual plants monthwise at item level in ME31K. Also verification of limit violation is to be done during contract release order at ME21N. plant can order up to monthly target qty in single/multiple pos. I am planning to use screen_exits for 1st part(allottment of limit) and fld exits for 2nd part(verification). Yet to find quality study matl for screen_exits that can be used here. ME31K item level is gridlike structure. How can I add text flds through subscreen? How subscreen and main screen will be connected? How to know which type of layout is used and where to add additional flds(like AOLA/AOLK in asset master scenario)? Please suggest means of fixing this custom requirement and suggest study material that will help me.

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