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Also, I have tried with the 50% duties, then system is taking the 50%*2 + 100% figures of JMO2, JAO2 and JSO2 but in J1iex it is calculating the 50% duties and when I post it in MIRO it is not taking any values out of them.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance...


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Subject: Calculating Excise Non Deductible for MM


I have set up the JMO2, JAO2 and JSO2 for Excise non deductible for the procedure TAXINJ. Maintained the conditions as 100% and assign the % in J1ID.

1) When assigned the tax code in P.O. then JMO2 and JSO2 Values are coming correctly but not the JAO2. For JAO2 system gives us the error value exceeds more the 100% amount of P.O.

2) System is calculating the Twice of the amount whille capturing the Excise than that what have been calculated in the P.O

I have checked everything as per me but still system is not calculating the tax.

This is what I have mentioned in the procedure:

231 0 JMO2 A/P BED for Non Ded. 100 362 NVV

232 0 JAO2 A/P AED for Non Ded. 100 365 NVV
233 0 JSO2 A/P SED for Non Ded. 100 369 NVV

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