Re: [sap-log-mm] Mass Change Profit Center & Serial Number Profile

Reply from RICA1804 on Jan 4 at 1:03 PM
Hi Uday,

The process is the following

1.- Type transaction MASS
2.- Select the Object type BUS1001
3.- Select "Plant Data for Material" (MARC)
4.- Execute or F8
5.- Enter in the Material field all part numbers & Plant in the
field "Plant" + execute or F8
5.- Go to the icon with name "Selection Fields"
6.- Select the fields "Profit Center" & "Serial Number Profile" + Enter
7.- In the fields of "New Values" put the values of each field
that you want mass change (Select it previously)
8.- Go to the icon "Carry out a mass change"
9.- when you are sure that all the changes are ready you can save.

Careful, when you save the changes here is not possible Undo!!!

I hope it helps you.

Kind Regards

Ricardo Rodriguez

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From: jagamohan Panigrahi
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Subject: Mass Change Profit Center & Serial Number Profile

Hi Uday,

Ask your ABAPer to develop a BDC programme for MM02 and make the necessary

Refer SHDB Tcode for recording.


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