[sap-log-mm] Service Entry Sheet Does Not Update Contract Consumption Corectly

Posted by ladat01
on Dec 15 at 5:42 AM
1. I have created WK contract (ME31K), for service (AcctAssgntCategory=K Cost Center, Item Categ=D Service) (100 AU/10 €)
2. Then, I have created purchase order (ME21N) with reference to my contract (100AU/10€)
3. ML81N, Service Entry Sheet and FINAL acceptance for 80AU/10€.
4. MIRO, Post the invoice for 80AU
5. ME22N, Set tik for Final Invoice
6. ME32K Consumption on item level or header level it shows (Wrongly!) that I have counsumed all 100AU
7. I can not make new purchase order for the rest of unused contract (20AU), becouse system assumes all contract has been used.

I have looked for SAP notes, and nothing. Is there some workarond with using tollerance.
Thank you in advance
Best regards
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