[sap-log-mm] Material is still there after Reversal of PO

Posted by ianworral
on Dec 1 at 4:34 AM
The background to this issue. The person who normally creates PO (with sub-component material) was off and they asked someone else to do the job and this person did not have skills and so made mistakes. This person created a PO and saved then realized that the PO has been raised with the wrong material so went into ME22N and did not delete the original material and try to override the same line item now this PO has two line items and both materials have sub-contracting materials.

I have asked the client to use MIGO (102 GR for PO Reversal), they have managed to reverse the PO but now client saying:

"This still does not work. We got the po reversed and those records still show up. I think we need to get the material back to the original material number and it will not let you change back even though nothing has been received on the part now"

It seems like a simple issue how the material can be reversed. I think the client is looking at MD04 and the materials are there.

Any help will be greatly appreciated it.

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