[sap-log-mm] How to roll back closing the MM period in PRD client?

Question from abhise24 on Dec 18 at 9:05 AM
Hello experts,
I am new to SAP and I have did a great mistake to close the current period after encountering the genuine problem of this message(No. M7053).

"Posting only possible in periods 2002/11 and 2002/10 in company code XXXX.

The posting date entered is not within one of the permitted posting periods (current period/previous period)."

Now, "The period is 2012/12 and 2012/11 in company code XXXX." Which should be 2011/12 and 2010/11. I have closed the current year 2011. Now it is in future 2012.
So how can I roll back the period from 2012 to 2011?
Please solve this problem, I will thankful to you.


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