[sap-log-mm] Error 4F121 in MIGO and Dump in J1IEX

Posted by Tiger100 (SAP Job)
on Dec 12 at 5:20 AM

When I am doing MIGO system it is giving two error messages:

First, "BED, AED and SED for the excise item is zero
Message no. 4F122"

Second, "Please check excise base for the item is zero !
Message no. 4F121"

I have configured the system to calculate the Excise for this Vendor and material (RM). Please tell me where my configuration is wrong.

Also, system is not calculating the Excise base amount and the Excise duties automatically. Please suggest what should I do to rectify it.

When I am running the J1IEX_C to capture the Invoice for the very first time for this Co. Code I am getting a dump or Runtime error "BCD_ZERODIVIDE". Please suggest what to do.

Thanks in advance.

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