[sap-log-mm] Change in Storage Location

Posted by dillipn
on Dec 7 at 11:37 AM

Please find below the issue raised by my client:

"One product has launched in Japan and in selling very well,

However this is causing issues in the supply chain as the Shelf life for
Japan is still 14 months as against 36 months for the rest of the World.

When building for Japan a BOM and router change happens to reflect the
change in expiry.

To further complicate this we have no easy way of Identifying for Shipping
and Receiving in W****** what lots are required for where?

What I want to do is Ship 14 month Shelf life units direct to Japan, by
changing the issue storage location (****) on SAP for 14-month shelf life
orders. This will enable faster supply to Japan and easy identification of
Japanese lots for production, Shipping and DC's.

Please advise the issues which would prevent us from implementing this
change from a SAP perspective"

I had mailed to the client asking him some questions and he answered as

i) Lesser shelf life in Japan requires faster reach to
the market?> hence we need to be in a position to ship out faster.

ii) We need to have an easy way of identifying shipping and
receiving at Kerkrade. YES

If so, then please provide me with?> 1. What reports you are currently
using? "ZL12, ZM09,ZITR,ZC23,MB51 (D525 101 movements)"

2. Is there any issue with lot identification? NO

3. Will using storage location J043 really help? Yes as the orders will be
designated to the shipping lane,

To further help me if you could provide me with the material no where
shelf life is mentioned for 14 months and 36 months and steps which you
execute in SAP.

"40% of a 15000 unit per month build plan for 2012 is required for Japan

At the moment Cork are updating the Shelf life between 3year for non-Japan
product and 14 month for Japan product and building every other month...

What we need is the ability to create orders for Japan with 14 month shelf
life and have Non Japan order with 3 year shelf life coming down the line
at the same time. We are facing significant exposure to backoder from all

Please suggest me what best can be done for the above issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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