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Posted by ZACHRY (Consultant)
on Dec 7 at 3:36 PM

You have an option to use ALE functionality and transactions BD12, BD13 (Customer Master Data), BD14, BD15 (Vendor Master Data) BD10, BD11 (Article Master Data). The menu path to access this is from Tools - ALE - Master Data Distribution. This works quite nicely to move master data from one client to another... Just need to check with your Basis team that the ALE and logical systems are set up to "talk" to one another.


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Subject: Material Master Upload Table by Table

Dear All,

We have a case in which we want to create a new client and move all the settings and master data from our current client to the new one (we dont want to move the transactional data). Our basis consultant has moved the settings and customizations to the new client. My question: can we move the master data (material master as the first stage) from the current client to the new one by uploading to the tables? I mean using LSMW will require going through the material creation steps which require data from more than one table,
but I would like to upload to the tables one by one, like taking the data in MARA in the old client, and uploading it to MARA in the new client. Then do the same for MARC, MARD, ...

Please tell me what do you think?

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