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Posted by Guest_JTj
on Dec 1 at 3:03 PM
I also would like to know about ME52N, Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisition. What is its purpose? How is it used?

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Hi Niren,

To be honest, I have not heard of any such transaction code ME52NB even though I have been working in this SAP MM field for more than 10 years. I guess you might refer to ME52 transaction for your NB document type.

Anyhow, there is not any such buyer approval as far as the purchase-to-pay process concept is concerned. SAP does only provide the process/sub-process where your specific purchasing document (either purchase requisition or request for quotation, purchase order or contract in accordance with your company's policy) shall be subject to approval/release. In this particular case, your purchasing document will be approved/released by your fully authorized representative through the usage of different transaction codes dependent completely on the type of your purchasing documents - such as

1) ME54N or ME55 transaction for the case purchase requisitions;
2) ME29N or ME28 transaction for the case of purchase orders etc....

Furthermore, if the workflow has been built in your system in support for your release process where an e-mail notification together with respective workflow item is triggered that is then sent to pre-defined approver through the so-called agent determination, then the approval can be done via either SBWP/SO01 transaction (in case the standard workflow is used) or through Portal (in the event the Universal Worklist - UWL customization).


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