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Posted by Ellen_Ruckwied
on Dec 14 at 1:36 PM
Hello Suzanne,

We set it up a bit different than you.
2) Is the same
But instead of
1) we maintained the text in transaction MN01/02 (Condition Records), Communication - Field named 'Cover Page Text (basically the same text as you put in under Mail Title ...). This works since years.

Does/Did your text maintained according to 1) show up in the Condition Records: Communication - Field named 'Cover Page Text'.


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Subject: PO Fax / Email Subject Line_Substitution of PO Number

Hello All,

We've been able to get the fax (2) and email (5) transmission mediums working for POs. Now, I'm trying to do some adjustments to config as far as getting the PO number (and maybe additional text) to default into the fax and/or email subject line.

I've searched the archives for old posts and found someone's recommendation that this can be accomplished by making the following updations in the NACE config:

1) Under 'Mail title and texts' for NEU, enter "PO No. &EKKO-EBELN&" in the Title field
2) Insert SAPMM06E in the program field and TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE in the FORM routine field under the "Replacement of text symbols" section on the General data tab for NEU

Making these two changes to config do NOT result in the PO number inserting into the fax or email subject/title line.
Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions or insights?

What I'm getting now (even with the text_symbol_replacement routine with &EKKO-EBELN& indicated for output NEU) is a 'default' of the standard form name SAPLMEDRUCK, date and time stamp in the subject line. My text replacement is not picked up.


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