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Thanks for the clarification. Now tell me, could we link same ACR code more than one Material Type?


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Hi, I am very new in SAP -MM. Could any one help me for below two questions?

Q1. What is the function on ACR in Account determination?

Q2. From the below setup data, how ACR G001 & G005 act for A/c determination?

Co Code = G103, Plant = G3P1, Valuation Gr Code = G001

As per process, business wants to run pur operation of two types of Material (raw Material -ROH and Trading goods - HRWA) from this plant. For this, I have created two ACR codes G001 for Raw material and G005 for Trading goods. I have also created two valuation Classes G300 for Raw Material and G310 for Trading Goods.

So final ACR mapping with Mat Type & Valuation Class as below
ROH - G001 - G300
HRWA - G005 - G310

Through Automatic Posting -Accounts setup option, I did below setup for Transaction BSX (Inventory posting)

Valuation Group Valuation Class A/c Code
G001 G300 X1
G001 G310 X2

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