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Posted by Dave Thornburgh (SAP JOAT)
on Dec 1 at 9:14 PM
Sandy -

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. The deletion indicator on a PO line is not intended to make things appear as if the line never existed - it's an indicator that, as far as that line is concerned, it is safe to archive and delete that PO. That's why I think it shouldn't be called a deletion indicator in the first place - it should be 'completion indicator' or 'closed' or something else that doesn't imply deletion. The only way to adjust the header pricing with respect to that line is to reduce the quantity of the line to zero (which I'm not sure you can do...) or maybe change the line to 'free of charge' (ditto).


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Hi Dave,

Appreciate your response.

So what you're saying is that because of the subsequent transactions (GR, IR, reversals) were made against the PO line item, no amount of deletion (deletion indicator) would reset the value in the HEADER CONDITION tab?

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