[sap-log-mm] Turn on/off the Ship Notification on MRP

Posted by Jon jourdonnais
on Nov 7 at 2:59 PM
We have a customer requirement to to exchange data electrontically ... requirement below.
"The organization exchanges electronically relevant materials and logistics information (e.g. planning release, delivery schedules, ASNs) with suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers. Traditional EDI or web-based solutions are acceptable means of electronic communication; e-mail and fax are not acceptable means of electronic communication. Traditional EDI data shall use an industry standard, non proprietary format.Web-based solutions shall be in compliance with customer requirements."

The process was already in use in the plants Creutzwald and Hockenheim in the FORS system, where ASN of suppliers was integrated electronically to give a possibility to release the goods-in booking when the delivery has been made.

When this functionality is not available it will have an negative impact on the supplier evaluation from our customers.

III. Detailed Requirements

The ordering plant creates an order in SAP and sends this order via EDI to the Vendor. The Vendor completes the shipment and delivers an ASN via EDI back to the ordering plant. The ASN is listed in the Cooper SAP System as an 'advised delivery' when the data is electronically submitted to the ordering plant. When the material is received physically the 'advised delivery' shall be released by the receiving clerk. The release of the ASN triggers the the movement of materials from 'in transit' to the stock of the plant, create the inbound delivery and creates the labels. From this point onward, the labels can be used to move the HU's.

The advised parts should be visible in the Cooper SAP System from the moment when the ASN is sent by the vendor.

There should be a parameter available (per Purchase Info Record) which controls the behaviour of the MRP. Advised stock should either be considered by the MRP or ignored. Consideration by the MRP means that the quantity which is in transit will be automatically reduced from the demands for procurement and will not be shown in the next iteration of purchasing schedule. The reason for this is that the MRP will otherwise calculate a demand that is unnecessarily high and which will lead to higher inventory in the end. It must be possible to set this parameter by Purchase Info Record (switch on / switch of) and not as a system wide default setting
The evaluation of the material which is in transit depends on the Inco-Term – if we have an 'Ex Works' Agreement with a vendor the 'in transit stock' needs to be evaluated and reported as property of CSA.

Currently CSA is sending and receiving messages that are following the VDA standard. We are sending VDA4905 to our suppliers and we are receiving VDA4913 back from our suppliers.

Enhancement for U.S.: At a later stage it should be possible to submit the own HU number to the supplier. The supplier creates the shipment including labels that carry the Cooper HU number. ASN is submitted via EDI to Cooper. When the parts are physically submitted, the booking can be done by scanning the HU number on the label. This increases the stock in the ordering plant.
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