[sap-log-mm] Block or Restrict an Entire Batch that is in Multiple Locations

Posted by rosborne102
on Nov 3 at 6:08 PM
I have been asked to do the following:

Give our quality managers the ability to block or restrict an entire batch regardless of physical location. I have activated batch status but it does not appear in MSC2N or BMBC. How do I get this to appear for selection on the basic data 1. Also, we are on a global SAP system, how will this impact other entities?

I have also been asked to allow warehouse personnel to block/unblock stock in case of damage, etc...This can be done via MB1B m/t 343 and 344. How can I manage this via authorizations.

One last thing, I promise.
I am really trying to understand the difference between blocked and restricted inventory. The only difference I see is that you can restrict an entire batch and block by location/plant/qty/etc....am i missing something here?

Thanks in advance for your support. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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