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Posted by ha_tran (Senior SAP Supply Chain Business Analyst)
on Nov 6 at 12:18 AM
Hi Nely,

It is of the standard functionality of SAP that there is not any validation of the company code during PO creation. As long as the purchasing organization is assigned to related plant of the PO line item, then you can save your PO. Therefore, the workaround solution is to ensure the correct purchasing organization is assigned to the correct plant.


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From: Nely Fernandez
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Subject: Wrong PO Plant Created

Hi MM Experts,

We encountered wrong PO, created in SAP. As a background, we have different co codes as affiliates.
Created PR linked to an SO or SO based for plant 1500 (Ccode2)
The user adopts it to create PO with wrong manual entry of Purchasing Org P12, (Ccode 1) instead of P15 (Ccode 2)
PO was approved not knowing that the plant is incorrect, but the system saved the PO document
At the time of PO printing, it came out that the series of PO is 412?.. instead of 415??.. It obviously wrong because (in item1- PR is created for P15

When checking on the history, there was changes in the PO header, PO saved as P12 but corrected immediately to plant P15. SAP system should not allow it to save with wrong plant.

What is the standard process of PO creation? Is it possible to change PO POrg if saved already to plant 1200 and eventually change to plant 1500?

Your inputs are highly appreciated!

Best regards,

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