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Posted by Makemehappy
on Nov 23 at 4:39 AM
Hi HT,

Thanks for the clarification. In this case the Purchase requisitions and POs has one to one relationship. There are cases where the items may changed to different cost centres. The requirement is that the items has to be approved by the individual cost centre owners first before it can be finally approved by the plant manager or at higher level to convert in to PO. Looks like bellow are the option we have:
1. Create Purchase requisitions separately for each cost centre OR
2. Set-up the second level approvals also at item level OR
3. Get the second level approval done at the PO level rather than are purchase requestion level.

I think option 3 should work in this case.

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Subject: Release strategy for Purchase requisition


Is it possible to set-up release strategy for a purchase requisition in a way that the individual items needs to be released individually first (by individual department managers for example) and then the full release to be effected by another level (by the purchasing director for example) after the individual lines are released?


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