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Posted by Mathew George (Mr.)
on Nov 3 at 2:17 PM

Transaction/Event key is a key to differentiate Account Determination by Business Transaction.

Eg. We must differentiate G/L acc. posted by goods receipt and invoice receipt transactions.

Posting transactions which are generalised in a value string are assigned to each relevant movement types in inventory management and each transaction in invoice verification.

These contain keys for relevant posting transaction(like inventory and consumption posting) instead of G/L acc. numbers.

We do not have to define transaction keys. They are automatically determined from transaction ( invoice verification) and movement type (inventory management).

All we have to do is assign relevant G/L acc. to each posting transaction.

So as per your inquiry, when we give a movement type in a transaction, the particular G/L account assigned to the posting transaction is credited or debited.


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Can anybody please tell me how system identifies which transaction event keys are to be hit, when specific movement type (e.g 101) is chosen

Thanks in advance

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