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Posted by Diane S (Process Analyst)
on Nov 29 at 9:53 AM
I would agree that the delivery complete indicator is the best solution. If for some reason this is not acceptable with your given business procedure and you still need finance approval to " complete or close the PO short" You might consider creating a sloc not available for MRP and call it, "non performing suppliers". You might then be able to change the receiving storage location on the reference Purchase Orders to this location. This location does not prevent receipt, so you would have to monitor this location for receipts and I would think you would still need to eventually get permission to " mark delivery complete or close the remaining balance on PO's. Not just for the false "supply" signal, but also for planning inventory, planned payables, etc. The sloc keeps that visibility necessary to built a suitable business process around... Just a thought....

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From: mohan KARUPPIAH
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 10:09 AM
Subject: Make MRP Not to Consider Blocked Purchase Orders

We have purchase orders with Non-performing vendors who will never supply and short closing or deleting a PO is a long procedure. How to make such POs not to participate in MRP? Will blocking of the PO work?
Please help me out

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